On November 9, 2009 while on a tennis vacation in Destin Florida with 12 of our friends, Travis picked up a wine bottle that a friend brought to dinner. Noticing it was from South Africa, Travis decided to read the label: Goats in Village-a wine by the Goats do Roam Wine Company.  The label reads: "Africa has a way of bringing out the best of people. With its magnitude and raw beauty, and the intensity of day to day living, Africa draws on one's deepest spiritual resources. Rebecca and Gary Mink moved from the US to the wilds of Caprivi in Northern Namibia, where they founded the Children of Zion Village to care for children orphaned by AIDS. Their immense courage and spirit however, could not fully offset their limited financial resources, and they were soon overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem. An urgent call was sent for goats- and immediately a group of young does and bucks from our Goats do Roam herd volunteered, rushing north to supply nutritious milk and gentle company. "It was like a message from God right on the wine label. We just knew that God was telling us that we would be going to the Children of Zion Village in Namibia, Africa. Now, we are even more excited to embark on this journey.