Travis and Lorna Curry are full-time missionaries with TMS Global

who have partnered with Children of Zion, Inc. since 2010. They served as the

full-time on site directors of Children of Zion Village. The village is located

along the banks of the Zambezi River in the north eastern corner of Namibia,



Children of Zion Village is a residential child care facility responsible for

providing care for orphaned and vulnerable children placed by the

Namibian government. The current authorized capacity of the village is 50

children. The Currys direct the ongoing operation of the Children of Zion

Village, including the children’s homes, staffing needs for 25 local nationalsand the mission school.


The Currys also strive to become part of the local community as they work alongside of and minister to the local nationals. Children of Zion Village partners with the nearby Mafuta feeding center where we provide food and support for more than 100 orphans.   


Mission Focus

- Be a positive Christian influence at the orphanage, in the local community and act in a way that is conducive to good relations with the local community.

- Work with local and national governments and tribal authorities as appropriate concerning the welfare of children at COZV.

- Develop relationships with local churches.

-  Identify the needs of and potential uses of the buildings and grounds, and develop an annual operating budget and capital funding request for spending outside the budget.

- Determine strategies and solutions for long-term goals, opportunities, problems and challenges involved in fulfilling the above responsibilities.

Children Focus

- Intentionally participate in discipleship activities with the children so that they engage in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and come to know and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.

- Provide the children with opportunities to interact with their local communities. Work with children’s Guardian and local social workers to facilitate this interaction and determine appropriateness of family visits and potential return to extended family care. 

- Care for the daily and ongoing needs of the children, including but not limited to physical, emotional, educational, spiritual, cultural and language needs.

- Determine and develop each child’s own special gifts, abilities and opportunities.

- Ensure the proper care, nurturing, training and preparation to help the children at COZV to re-integrate with their families and community and become productive Christian men and women.